Admin powers

There are a few administrative privileges that we have, but we cannot in any case withdraw or move user funds directly.

Mint and rebalances can be paused for emergency situations but redeemIdleToken and redeemInterestBearingTokens are always available.

We can update the instance of IdleRebalancerV3 but it's only used by IdleToken to read allocations, it never touches funds.

We can add or change Idle wrappers (IdleCompound, IdleFulcrum, ...) for lending protocols. Initially this operation can be done atomically to allow us to fix eventual bugs in the first weeks after V3 release. After this period we can trigger a "kill switch" (delayNewProtocols method) that will allow us to add or update lending protocols wrappers only after waiting 3 days.

We can set fee and feeAddress. Fee is capped and can be at most 10% of the interest earned.

We can set new allocations in IdleRebalancer through the rebalancerManager role.