Admin powers

IdleTokenV4 is an upgradable contract and uses OpenZeppelin upgradability pattern. Each IdleToken consists of a proxy which points to a shared implementation of IdleTokenV4 contract. The implementation for each token can be upgraded through a shared Proxy Admin which is 0x7740792812A00510b50022D84e5c4AC390e01417 . The owner of the Proxy Admin and of all IdleToken proxies is 0xE5Dab8208c1F4cce15883348B72086dBace3e64B.

All other contracts (eg IdleRebalancer all protocol wrappers, etc) are standard contracts.

There are a few administrative privileges that we have besided of the ability to upgrade IdleTokenV4 implementation logic:

  • Mint and rebalances can be paused for emergency situations but redeemIdleToken and redeemInterestBearingTokens are always available.

  • We can update the instance of IdleRebalancerV3 but it's only used by IdleToken to read allocations, it never touches funds.

  • We can add or change Idle wrappers (IdleCompound, IdleFulcrum, ...) and associated assets supported for lending protocols.

  • We can add or change governance tokens supported.

  • We can set fee and feeAddress. Fee is capped and can be at most 10% of the interest earned.

  • We can set new allocations in IdleRebalancer through the rebalancerManager role.

  • We can set maxUnlentPerc ie a percentage of funds used to for cheap redeem

With the upcoming launch of Idle governance all admin powers will be then transferred to the IDLE holders.